GHGP has been providing premium energy efficiency services across Australia for well over a decade. 

Together with some of the longest standing suppliers in the Australian market, we are able to offer a broad range of both established and cutting edge efficiency solutions that reduce your energy consumption and enable fine energy control.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning uses a large amount of energy across the country each day, but very little is done to ensure optimisation for energy efficiency. Over the first 10 years of a systems life, the system will lose 3% efficiency each year. If your system has been around longer, it could be operating at as low as 50% of its original efficiency rating. That system is costing you twice as much as it should.

Our core air conditioning services are:

  • Conducting an on-site audit of air conditioner condition and use habits

  • Recommending maintenance or cleaning

  • Installing equipment to enable global control, occupancy sensing, efficiency optimisation and peak demand management

  • Implementing additional recommended maintenance measures

As an output of our air conditioning service, you can expect:

  • Improved efficiency from air conditioners

  • Shifted and reduced peak demand loads

  • Overnight consumption elimination

  • Fine control of site level air conditioning 

  • Reduced air conditioning cost

Building Envelope 

Thermal efficiency is critical to improving the performance of your air conditioning. Leaks through gaps, poor insulating materials and unnecessary direct solar exposure reduces your air conditioners ability to cool a room sufficiently and cause them to remain on for much longer than necessary, resulting in increased energy consumption and cost. By assessing the thermal performance of your building, GHGP can reduce your reliance on air conditioning to keep your costs to a minimum.

Our core building envelope services are:

  • Identifying cavity air transmission points

  • Identifying room or building gaps

  • Identifying curtain or blind opportunities

  • Assessing glass heat transmission

  • Assessing insulation quality

  • Conducting thermal imaging scans

  • Implementing recommended efficiency measures

As an output of our core building envelope service, you can expect:

  • Increased comfort at your site

  • Reduced air conditioning energy consumption and cost 


Refrigeration can be a large component of energy consumption for many businesses. As with air conditioners, refrigeration systems lose the efficiency they were originally installed with over a number of years. Loose seals, dirt, grime, coolant leaks, condenser coils degradation and debris in fan systems all contribute to reduced efficiency performance. Our team of professional auditors are able to complete a comprehensive review of your refrigeration systems and recommend cost efficient and low payback measures to improve efficiency performance.

Our core refrigeration services are:

  • Conducting an on-site audit of refrigeration condition

  • Recommending maintenance

  • Recommending cleaning

  • Implementing recommended efficiency measures

  • Preventative maintenance

As an output of our refrigeration service, you can expect:

  • Improved efficiency from refrigeration

  • Reduced refrigeration cost

  • Reduced overall comsumption

Metering and Monitoring 

Understanding your energy use is the first step to controlling and reducing it. You can apply to your energy retailer to receive your past site level data, but if you want real time or sub-site level data, our metering solution is the answer. 

Our core metering and monitoring services are:

  • Assessing circuits or switchboards which should be metered and monitored

  • Installing real time metering capability

As an output of our metering and monitoring service, you can expect:

  • Anytime anywhere access to your energy data

  • Understanding of your workforce’s energy use habits

  • Notifications of excessive energy use

Power Factor Correction 

Poor power factor reduces the efficiency at which you consume the electricity which was generated for you. Not all sites have poor power factor, but when they do it can have a huge impact on your business’ energy costs as it affects every piece of equipment on your site. 

Our core power factor correction services are:

  • Assessing your energy data to calculate your power factor

  • Calculating cost reduction and payback

  • Installing power factor correction units

As an output of our power factor correction service, you can expect:

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Reduced carbon footprint 

Tariff Optimisation 

You might be focused on reducing your energy consumption, but are you sure that you are paying the lowest rate for your energy? Send us a bill, and we are able to analyse your energy use habits to select the best retailer plan for you and even make the switch to a new retailer on your behalf.

Our core tariff optimisation services are:

  • Assessing your energy data

  • Finding the best energy plan for you

  • Switching you to the best plan

As an output of our tariff optimisation service, you can expect:

  • Reduced energy costs

  • No lock-in contract

  • Same day transfer

The efficiency services we can provide to you can be simple or complex depending on your needs, so send us an email or call to discuss the best package for you.

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