Energy Auditing


GHGP has a team of professional and accredited energy auditors in 5 different states and territories that have successfully completed over 700,000 energy audits across Australia since 2009. 

Our team of high experienced auditors can operate in a wide array of environments ranging from busy offices, large commercial facilities to schools and residences. Our team can do any size of audit, from simple lighting audits to comprehensive multi facility energy audits, and NABERS assessments.  


With experience completing tens of thousands of commercial energy audits, our comprehensive commercial audits are able to identify the most cost efficient solutions and behavioural changes to reduce your energy costs.

Our comprehensive commercial audits typically cover:

  • Lighting

  • HVAC and air conditioning

  • Building envelope 

  • Refrigeration

  • Water

  • Solar

  • Battery


A specialised form of commercial audit, school auditing builds on the same fundamental principals of commercial auditing in a highly sensitive environment.


With over 100 school audits under our belt, GHGP is highly adept at combining our commercial auditing package with the training and oversight required to work seamlessly in a school environment.


All of our auditors are working with children certified and have undertaken in-house school behaviour training modules which emphasise a no disruption to class and minimal student interaction auditing procedure.


GHGP has completed hundreds of thousands of residential audits across Australia since the start of our company in 2009, with hundreds more occurring each day.


We are the national specialists in identifying waste, leakage and unnecessary energy consumption in homes and proposing low cost high payback solutions to home owners and landlords 


Our energy auditors review lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, curtains, blinds, water, insulation, chimneys and behaviour to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to reduce your home energy use.


A branch of commercial auditing, sports lighting auditing involves:

  • Assessing the current lighting technologies on site

  • Precise measurement of pole heights

  • Precise measurement of court or field dimensions

  •  Lighting design

Once collected, our auditor discusses the required level of illumination required, social, competition or broadcast and submits the data to our lighting design team to design the most optimal solution for your site. 


Commercial solar auditing for prospective commercial solar systems is a critical and specialised activity which can save thousands of dollars in cost overruns if done correctly.

GHGP’s commercial solar audits inspect both the supply and consumer side of your sites electrical grid, including transformers, MSBs, DBs, prospective inverter stations, data points, cable runs, roof sheeting and building structural capability.

With over 100 commercial solar audits completed, we can give you all the information your need to design the perfect system, or design it for you.


Our council auditing services give council entities the ability to assess their energy use across their entire portfolio of buildings and public spaces. g

Encompassing all of the skill sets in our commercial, sports and solar auditing activities, we are one of the only nationwide providers of holistic auditing services

A typical output of our comprehensive audits is a detailed facility or portfolio study in which we break down your current energy use habits, existing equipment on site, solutions for reducing your energy consumption and cost and the savings you can expect.

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