Smart Metering Upgrades


GHGP is committed to assisting customers to make knowledgeable choices about how and when they use electricity. With a smart meter upgrade, the power is in the customers hands.


We offer an end-to-end service for the supply and installation of your system. 

Smart Meter Upgrade

Smart meters are a tool used to accurately capture users daily, monthly and yearly consumption, including the consumption at different times of day. As a result, customers have more control of their energy outcomes, making more informed choices by better understanding their use patterns and the performance of their electronic devices.


Our core metering services are:

  • Whole current meter upgrade services


As an output of our battery service, you can expect:

  • Insight into your electronic device’s performances

  • Monitors your consumption in real time

  • Helps ascertain the most economical time-of-use options

  • Enables better evaluations of your service providers and best tariff choices

  • Capacity to develop and plan energy use strategies to lower bills

  • Improved safety through identification and / or rectification of existing issues

  • Accurate billing

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