Measurement and Verification


Measurement and Verification gives you access to state scheme certificate subsidies for any project that saves energy.

Measurement and Verification is the process of precisely measuring the energy consumption of a site before and after an upgrade to calculate the energy savings created as a part of the upgrade.

GHGP's team of Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals follow the international requirements for M&V and the individual requirements of state subsidy schemes to give your energy saving project access to subsidies.


Unlike more common deemed methodologies, the exact subsidies available to each project is dependent on the actual energy savings. As a rough guide, every 100MWh/year of energy savings can generate up to $35,000 of subsidies paid upfront under the method, with no cap.

As an example, your client uses 500,000kWh of electricity annually on its compressed air system. You have been engaged to upgrade parts of the system to new, more efficient components and recommission a number of seals which have degraded. Once the upgrade is complete, you expect the customer will save 150,000kWh per annum on its electricity usage. You engage GHGP to collect baseline consumption data and create a Measurement and Verification Plan to be submitted to the state authority.

You upgrade, retrofit or recommission as normal, then re-engage GHGP to conduct a post-installation Measurement and Verification Report to be submitted to the state authority.

It is calculated that your client is saving 180,000kWh of electricity each year. These savings extrapolated over 10 years equates to 828 certificates. Using the current certificate price, a subsidy of just over $30,000 is created to offset the cost of the upgrade. GHGP recovers project metering and analysis costs and the rest of the benefit is provided to you.

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